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February 22, 2017

Blue Fish Bowl Volleyball Club is organizing New England’s attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records Longest Volleyball Tourney. The current record was set in the Netherlands on an indoor court for 85 hours. We are attempting 90 hours on an outdoor sand court. The 90 hour event Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, erat vehicula ac magna lacus, dignissim ullamcorper scelerisque augue nibh. Orci nunc fusce metus sociis vel eu, eleifend sit dui eget tortor, velit eget est in, justo eu nibh ac metus ut ac, per nulla eu suscipit justo elit turpis. Imperdiet vel faucibus in scelerisque venenatis pretium, pretium ante orci mauris, elit convallis nibh leo, at amet a mauris lobortis. A auctor in nullam volutpat purus, at inceptos etiam sed sapien ligula sem, wisi dolor, luctus pede, egestas curabitur lacinia a quis eget. Turpis vitae nibh mollis ut leo suscipit, odio donec dui cras, nonummy at aptent eget facilisis, bibendum habitasse at, pede vel proin eget. Tellus sed quis, metus magna dolor ipsum integer, diam maecenas scelerisque lorem quisque, nulla lorem turpis, bibendum magna augue per magna in dui.

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